What's wrong with me?

When I first start "talking" or dating a girl I really dont seem to care about her I act aloof in public.. they are literally crawling all over me.. I suppose I kind of "act" emotionally unavailable key word act.. . I act like I don't care.. I'm affectionate in terms of sex but holding hands and what not is uncomfortable for me at times. As soon as the girls think "well he's not reciprocating my affection" and leave or try to leave me... that's when I want them bad.. that's the only time where I start trying to prove that I like her or love her.. or start verbalizing what she means to me but. . At that point it's like I'm playing repair man and it's usually too late.. I go to stupid lengths to try and prove to them they mean something at that point there already too hurt I guess? Or mentally past me but still somewhat attached... they usually look at me like "where exactly is all this emotional shit coming from.." and just continue to detach if that makes sense

Am I the only guy like this?


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  • Girls are very "touchy" when it comes to showing a guy she likes him and she wants him to do that back! My boyfriend of 1 yr isn't very touchy in public, but he thinks it's because guys who have their arm around the girl or holding hands and whatnot is a chest puffer... But at our houses around our parents he will have his arm around me and hold me hand... He won't kiss me in front of our parents because it's one of their things they don't wanna see us kiss... GIRLS LOVE THE AFFECTION ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC!!! When they don't get this they feel discarded or like you're using them for stuff (especially if you're having sex or stuff that works up to sex)... When you try to win that girl back she's thinking you're desperate... When starting to date a girl, ESPECIALLY AT THE BEGINNING, you want to show her you care, hold her hand, hug her, be a gentleman... Girls live to feel loved and wanted, if she doesn't feel that then she won't stick around...


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  • If you are going to show emotion when she is leaving why would you not show beforehand when she wanted you.