Guys, Am I doing something wrong?

I've met many chicks here at my Uni who are really cute, and super friendly. I met someone the week everyone moved in, and we have chatted, ate casual lunch and stuff and she seems really in to me. I like her.

Last weekend some of us from the dorms went up to a local canyon for the evening (the whole thing lasted about an hour because so few showed up). We were both there.

Well this weekend, yesterday I asked if she wanted to see a movie. She said some time in the evening. Evening rolls around, I text her and ask if she's still up for it. She replies she had a project to complete with a friend, and maybe some other time.

Well since moving in I've made a lot of friends and met some really cute and friendly chicks. Yet I've somewhat ignored them for her... I don't know. Its stupid and weird but I'd like to not be single so much I just don't talk to anyone else. I feel like if she shows up I'll have to explain why I'm talking to another chick. I keep thinking this evening about how this ignoring the other girls is shooting myself in the foot. It does't feel good. I've just noticed that sometimes those other chicks seem less enthusiastic, and less friendly. I freaking hate myself for it, and I'm not sure how to explain it tot them or fix it. Of course I am just assuming they like me, yet few women have ever actually treated me any different.

I suspect that what I'm doing wrong is ignoring the others. Ugh.


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  • It sounds like you are trying to stay exclusive with a person you have never gone out with at all… sounds like you are thinking way too much into it. Dating is not that complicated. You ask someone out, they say yes you go out, they say no, you move on.

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