Why care now?

So he broke up with me because he didn't feel the same way about me anymore. Months go by and we only talk every once in awhile (usually because he'll I'm me online).

But now he's talking to me a lot more and hints at hanging out. Which surprises me because he knew how hurt I was when we broke up and then when he started dating someone else (they've since broken up).

It irks me because it's not like he cared about me then. He still went on and dated someone else, and acted like we could still be friends.

So why does he care now? Guilt? Rebound?


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  • I'm in a similar sitation because my ex broke up with me beacsue he wanted to take time to think and he needed to make sure he really loved me. It broke my heart and this didn't happen long ago maybe a month. But now he has developed an interest in a best friend of mine. She only likes him as a friend and she likes someone else. They are like brother and sister and I just feel hurt to know he doesn't care and he doesn't deserve me being like this over him. Why would he use my friend as a rebound? I know he doesn't really like her because he also asked this other girl in my class. He just broke up with me to see whatever else he could get and it makes eme feel used because I actually felt something special for him. What can I do to not hurt over him? It doesn't help that I see him everyday:/

  • Just sounds like your a rebound...just move on!

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