Is he over reacting or am I just to blunt. Am I ruining a relationship?

Ok I started seeing a guy he's a roughneck works in Watford city and I live about an hour away so we don't get to see each other except on his week off. Or we often talk on the phone or text. When he gets upset over a text i have sent him for example he gets pissed off cuz my sister doesn't know him and doesn't want him at the house or near which I'm on both sides of that issue but he doesn't want to make an effort to meet her so he can come to the house. but when I say anything back about why or that we had already discussed the issue more than three times he gets pissed off and hangs up or he thinks I'm lying to him. I can understand to some degree but its kind of stupid of him to get that dam mad about something I cannot change. The very first time we had an argument he told me he didn't want to hear my point of view he doesn't care about my point of view cuz it doesn't matter. When I defend myself he gets mad and says I'm arguing or I have to have the last word. Which is true to some extent. But not always. The last fight we got into he said it was over. He sent a blank text not knowing if he meant to or not so I asked him " are we over or?" He called me ten minutes later and he started raising his voice and saying stupid shit to me like me offending him and pissing him off.. I told him it wasn't meant to offend him and he broke it off with me. How am I supposed to know if its offensive no one else seems to complain just him. I told him he sent a blank text. and was secretly hoping it was some kind of truce when he sent it. Am I doing something wrong or saying something I shouldn't be. I honestly love this man he's not abusive in any way i just don't see what it is I'm saying. He always tells me its my tone and that I talk to much. Well honestly I didn't know I had a tone or talked to much if I do I just like talking to him and know his opinion about certain things. He told me today that I have good qualities but I have to change my attitude and how I speak to people.


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  • He said too sensitive