Is it possible to get someone out of my league?

I really really really love Justin Hieber and I was wondering whether I can get him? Advice? How? I think its impossible to get someone out of my league.

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  • Wellll 😕🔫


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  • Not if you think of them as being "out-of-your-league".

    Leagues don't really exist. It's just a concept in your mind. You can have anyone you want as long as you try hard enough. Even if they don't like you in the beginning... most people can be won over.

    • Agreed. You have to work on yourself to be attractive... much more so if you are male , it's not easy , but worth it in all areas of life.

    • @FatherJack @LovelyDisquiet Thank you :) This was the answer I was looking for

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  • The problem is that there are thousands of people who are crushing on celebrities. They can have their pick, so why should they pick you. People who become famous are either terrifically lucky, or else both talented and driven. Why should he go out with you? What have you got to offer that he can't get from any of ten thousand other women?

  • Having " leagues " is a self imposed mental restriction , working on yourself & improving yourself is the right way. Men especially must do this to be attractive to you ladies.

  • Do you mean Justin Bieber. And, seriously? Why. Why would you want a guy like that?

  • Who is Justin 'Hieber' anyway :P

    • Silly me! I was supposed to type in Rustin Hieber* Thank you for letting me know :D He is this fictional character I have figuratively created in my imagination. I thought about him after I read a similar question not long ago asking if they can date someone out of their league. I laughed because everyone was saying yes and I was considering famous people. I know it IS possible to perhaps 'attain' one but I felt like a troll question like this would cause people to answer like this. The thing is I don't see famous people any different to someone so I don't think that anyone is truly out of anyones league there are people who are just impossible to get because of competition.

      Anywho I have been typing too long (if you even read it) so I have to stop before I confuse myself.

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