Would it be wrong for me, a seniors to try dating a freshman?

Yeah, this is more or less the end result of a long line of failures utterly destroying my self-esteem and making me completely give up on myself. But, she is hot, and it's only a two year difference, although, I think I might've already scared her, or made her hate me, either way, that'd at least be funny as hell.


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  • Don't do it, people will think you're a creepy.

    • I first seriously considered it when I was hanging out with some friends (acquaintances?) in the office and one of them said he'd screw a freshman because it'd be easy, and the others agreed. In fact, my other friends don't find it weird either. In fact, only my female friends might care, but, they rejected me anyway and I go to an all boy's school so I have to make an effort to see them.

    • Most people would think you're dating so you could have easy sex. At least at my school whenever a senior dates a freshmen, people say the senior is taking advantage of the freshmen.