Set him free, should I say this?

He may talk to me occassionally, want to have sex & still stay over, but i just don't feel like i'm getting the effort back that i'm putting in anymore.

I think he's moved on from me & as much as it kills me I think i need to set him free before the term ends. Should I say this when he next asks to come over or something:

"_____, as much as I enjoy being with you, I feel like you've moved on from me now…
I can't keep wanting you & not be wanted the same back
Even though there isn’t long left, I think I should stop now.
I’ll miss you x"


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  • Don't say that. If you don't mind me being blunt that makes you look desperately needy however if you want to lose him for good send it. If you want him to want you give him something he's afraid to lose

    • So what do I do then?

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    • Hold back a little. Get more involved in your own life. Tell him occasionally no. Guys love a yes girl but they don't necessarily respect them. I know it's hard. I know you don't want to lose him but you have to put yourself first. Get out with friends more or take up hobbies. Don't give him all your time when he wants it. If he doesn't try harder when he knows it's harder to get your time then maybe it's better he does go. But you need to hold some cards too. He can't be the one to decide when you meet when you don't. Has he ever cancelled on you cos he was tired or busy doing something else. You need to do it too. But when you see him don't moan about distance or issues you think you both have be happy to see him enjoy your time with him. he may not even realise you feel like this so fix it before it's broken learn your womanly skills and use them. Our greatest gift is to make a decision and praise you guy for making it. Like you want to try a new restaurant so you say

    • You say something like babe you know that place you were talking about lets get a take away or go out there next weekend. When you go tell him it really was lovely. Even if you didn't enjoy all of it pick out things you did like and work with that. A fresher healthier mentality is far more attractive than being scared and stressed.

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