Would you think more of a person who had my experience?

Was living at home my parents said college is a waste and pretty much made me feel like chit about going and not working full time to help. There was no proving to them that they were wrong. They became almost verbally abusive and made me feel terrible.

I left and lived in my truck for four months. I went to class all day and then worked on the weekends part time. I saved enough money to finally rent a room and now I'm a second year student and can afford my basic needs. I have government assistance with financial aid for tuition and have some grants and scholarships. Still use foodstamps yes.. but I plan to change that soon.

I told a girl on a date and i thought the date was prettt damn terrible and she seemed uninterested before. She was almost astonished. I didn't think much of it thought it wasn't a deal at all and I was embarassed to tell people this before. Don't like to be considered lower class.


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  • It is good that you can surpassed what your parents told you, and keeping working towards yours and you will accomplish them.


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