Specific things to text about w/ boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend of 3 steady months are in a nearly two hour long distance relationship. Which makes it tougher is that neither of us drive so we depend on public transportation we seeing each other. Anyway to get to the point...

My boyfriend is 16 years older then I am. He's 35, and I'm nineteen. I think our chemistry is deteriorating because of our age difference. There's nothing to talk about other than I miss you, I love you, are you okay, and Wyd. I feel that I am boring because in person we have plenty things to talk about but over text it's more premeditated so it's hard for me to come up w/ something to talk about that he'll engage into and we will have a steady back and forth texting conversation about. Personally I like asking tons of questions but he gets upset when I do that. Or I would like to take about our sex but that's just something young girls like to do. I want to interest/intrigue his mind, make him laugh/smile, and talk more on the serious side as well. Pretty much all in one if I can. Specific questions is fine but not too many. What can I text him about? His last text was that he misses me more and now I don't know what to text back.


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  • My advice would be that you shouldn't "look" for something to text about. Conversation, via text or otherwise, shouldn't be forced. Just talk about whatever comes into your head and about whatever seems natural. If you guys are busy hyper-analyzing each other's texts etc. then you'll just suck all the fun out of what should be a wonderful thing. Don't fret over it, just talk.


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