Do you think he will ask me out?

There's this guy, and we like each other. We text literally all day and we have one class together. Yesterday we hung out with a couple of mutual friends together and had a good time! He even offered me his sweater because I was cold. Last night he complimented me a few times over text, and we were being really cute with each other. When do you think he will ask me out?


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  • If he knows how and has the courage of a typical high school guy, he'll probably ask you out in a few weeks, days, or the next time he has the opportunity. I don't know how long you've known each other.

    If he's like me, he'll ask you to hang out multiple times, but none will seem like an actual date.

    • Yeah we hung out yesterday with a couple of his friends. We've known each other for about a month now but we talk and text 24/7 basically

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