I don't know what I want from him? RELATIONSHIP ADVICE please?

So basically, I have been speaking to this guy for a year and a half now, he's 21 and I'm 16. We speak on and off and we're friends. Before, like half a year ago we got really close and had a 'thing' but no one knew about it due to the age gap then we started to drift apart and speak ocasionally. He's been wanting sex from me ever since i turned 16.
I told him I felt used and that I felt he just wanted sex. So he told me he felt bad and that we could go back to our friendship.
Last week we ended up sleeping together again even though he had said 2 weeks ago that we could just be friends without the sleeping part.
The week we met up after he told me we would just be friends, everything was awkward and we weren't ourselves.
Now it's back to normal since we had sex last week, but the problem is.. he told me he had feelings for me but he couldn't as he was too old.
To make matters worse, this week he had met up with this girl and they were both together at like 3 in the morning? I knew they were sleeping togehter.. as he putting pictures up of her in her hoodie at 3 in the morning, clearly they in bed together. He also put a pic up of her the day before that night..
WHAT THE FUCK? He's my good mate who told me had some feelings for me.
I feel he is trying to distance himself for me and purposely put on his snapchat pictures of the girl.
Like he isn't even trying to hide the matter he's with a girl...
I think he's fed up of me and finished with me since we have had sex 4 times now... so he's purposely doing this to me?

Whats your opinion?

Maybe he told me had feelings for me so I would be interested to sleep with him again..

Do you guys think he wants me anymore since he kind of is purposely letting me know he's with girls?

By the way for any one wondering, I am not really looking for a relationship with him but I feel upset by the fact we both apparently have feelings for one another and he sees a girl like the week after?
I feel if he's sleeping with me, he shouldn't be seeing any others?


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  • What I think is that if what you want is a relationship with him and he's not showing any signs of wanting that too, having sex with him will only make things worse for you. If you're not feeling well about how you guys relate and he's not willing to change the nature of your bond, then I think it's better to move on, so that you no longer feel used.