If a guy said he wanted to have a bit of fun?

Today we went to the beach. Then went bowling and played pool. I went to give him a hug and he said he wanted to kiss me. Throughout the day he was being really close. Tried to touch me and would hug me. And after he dropped me off home we were texting for a bit and I said that I wasn't expecting a kiss from him to which he replied that he wanted to have some fun. Do you think it's a no strings attached or is he just getting used to me or what do you think? I know him a month or two and we get on brilliant.


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  • It's hard to tell. Could be both.

    I was on a first date (second meeting where nothing happened the first time) and I was touching her and hugging her. It wasn't till the door that we kissed. I wasn't looking for a one-night stand, I wanted a relationship but I wanted to get a "little bit" more intimate with her right off the bat.

    • I mean he would try to guess where my accent is from. And then sometime I would forget certain words and make my own and he said that he loves the way I make up my own words

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    • Thank you very much :)

    • Happy to help. message me if you want more help or help about something else.

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  • Yay, so you went! I'm glad for you. Now that he's kissed you, we know he likes you but for the next time me he asks you out or to do something, tell him you are curious as to what he is looking for and let him tell you. Is he relationship material? ❤️


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  • He might just be getting to know you better, or he may just want fun. Find out if you want a relationship or just fun, and then just see how it plays out. So you can either wait until his intentions about wanting fun, or relationship become clear, or just ask him.

    • I mean he is telling me everything. And he told me about his ex and that she was a bit weird

    • Well i don't think it's just a fling, as he wouldn't be telling you everything. Just keep doing what your doing and see what happens, as it will probably lead to relationship.

  • Well she definitely wants to do something with you, but its hard to tell based on just that if he's interested in anything more than just sex. If he's like that every time you're together, then he's probably not interested in anything serious.

    • He has never kissed me before but he would always be so nice chatting to me. He would make fun of me and I would make fun of him

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    • Your best bet is probably just waiting and seeing where it goes, you just gotta ask yourself does it seem like he's interested in you or does he just want to fool around every time you see.

    • You see he is being very smiley and cute with me. But I am not sure that's anybody decided to get an opinion here. Thank you :)

  • If you wanna fuck then fuck its up to you

    • I want a relationship not fuck buddies but looking for an opinion

    • If you have sex he'll probs only see it as a benefits things do what you want

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