Is he truley in love, obessed, or infatuated?

My friend has been dating my bestfriend for three years now. He texts her and me a lot. When ever I talk to him he won't stop talking about her. He is either complaining about how they are repdiatly not communicating or that their views about their relationship are differnt. He complains he never sees her enough or that she isn't ready to marry. He is sad that she said no sex ever when they get older. If he isn't complaining he says she is the one he wants to marry and always says how much he loves her. He says she is perfect, innocent and an angel. He also tells me how he wants to have sex with her when they get older. He also says they are never breaking up. I am at my wits end from hearing this all the time and have set boundries on how much he can talk about her. Any opinions will be helpful.


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  • He's in like!

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