Casual flirt vs boyfriend material? What do you think?

If you text everyday regardless what time. He tells me I'm his first thought when he wakes up and the last thought when he goes to bed. He always tells me about everything and we also flirt a lot and miss each other if we don't talk regularly. Do u think he is boyfriend material or is this just a phase? We just started talking like two weeks ago but I feel like he could be my soulmate but I'm also scared that I'm overthinking too much about it.


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  • If you dont know that after talking to him for 2 weeks, do you really expect us to have an idea based on just a couple of things he's said.

    • Lol true that. What u think is a good sign he for sure is interested more than a causal flirt with me?

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    • Yeah its a good sign, you really shouldn't worry about what some random people think about him being boyfriend material or not tho, it only matters how you feel about him.

    • True that... I like ur honesty 😊

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