He's 43 and I'm 23, is he paying me?

I sort of work with him he quietly stared at me whenever we crossed paths, for 2 months he would say hi beautiful in passing, until he approached me a month ago asking what days I worked and that he has had his eyes on me. I talked to him after work last week and we exchanged numbers, he called me the next day only after I text him to tell him I almost got into an accident going home from work, we talked for 5mins. About 4 days later I text him he take hours to reply and he asked to see me the next day, I said yea he never text back the next day he called and said he was doing some yard work for his neighbor and fell asleep after, and about 5mins later into the conversation he asks me if I was a virgin and when was the last time I had sex. I said I dont have sex without a relationship and instantly said oh your my woman than and I said you haven't taken me out or anything and he said well were gonna have to plan a day to do that. The 2 days we both work he kept saying he was walking around on his break looking for me but I think he was lying becuase if he was looking he would have found me and if he was looking he could've text or called me. Than when I had to stay to take an extra break he came and sat for like 5mins and kissed me on the cheek and had his arm around my back as he left. He never calls me or text me first and when I text him I never get a response or he answers the next day.

He doesn't seem that interested in getting to know me, I know he has other things going on in his life but if he was interested at all he would at least reply to a text within 24 hours or call for 5mins.


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  • I would seriously think about that age difference regardless of his behaviour towards you.


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