Do you think this girl from bar even liked me or what was her motivation?

i saw this girl at a country bar last night , she was pretty good looking for her age and wearing this white dress which made her look pretty attractive , so basically she caught my attention and i checked her out a couple times but didn't really get the feeling she was interested. and went about my night then i was standing near this stage people dance on and felt someone touching me on back and to my complete shock it was her and she wanted me to come on the stage and dance with her and her gf's of all things. so i went up and i guess we liked danced beside each other or something along that line , it caught some people by surprise as i don't usually do things like that and she was pretty good looking girl. for some reason even though we didn't know each other she like called me hun or something. after we finished dancing i offered to buy her a drink but she said she had to go to washroom , then i didn't see her for a bit and eventually later in the night i saw her dancing on actually dance floor with another guy i had never seen her with before and then i lost track of her.

so i guess my question is did she even like me in the first place? why did she go out of her way to get my attention? did she want to make me jealous by being with other guy? is she just like on the rebound or something put her in a crazy mood to do this stuff? and to make things harder i really don't even know anything about her , heck i dodn't even know her name


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  • She might have had a little bit of interest


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