Ongoing problem with girl I meet at bar a while back?

i first meet her last year , she's a lot younger than me but we went to a few of the same bars downtown and at some point i talked to her and added her online twitter. our friendship at first seemed to go better and i'd see a lot of her at that bar on Saturday but not really see much of her anywhere else so was hard to keep in touch with her , i also sent her some twitter posts which either annoyed her or got her attention i'm not really sure. but i definity had her attention at the bar and saw a lot of her. but we never liked dated or had sex , it was just sort of weird and could of got more serious but didn't. she also got annoyed when i became attracted to this other girl she knew and that i had also tried to date and added online but she didn't go anywhere either.

but its a few months later now and i still keep running into her at that bar sometimes she is with guys , i'm not sure if she is actually dating any of them or exact status of her relationship. but its very weird when we run into each other now and hard to even talk to her. she just gave me some weird look last time i saw her , i also haven't talked to her online for a while. i don't know if i should just forget about her or try and say something to her when i see her there. as we used to get along so unsure why things are so sour at moment


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  • Yep, I agree, you have let it get weird and confusing by simply not talking to her and getting her head full of assumptions, and yours too!


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  • It's sour cause you let it get weird. Just try talking to her and having s genuine conversation.