I have given up on dating?

With a few experiences leading to nowhere, I decided to stop actively dating. Not to mention I am trying to sort my life out. But mainly because most of the girls I've dated didn't lead to anything and things just fizzled out. Is this the best option? I am not completely crossing out dating but I am not putting much effort into to it. Thoughts? Have any of you given up as well? If so, why?


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  • Can I see ya lol?

    • I'll follow you now and you can have a look.

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    • You seem like a nice guy with a good outgoing personality to me☺.

    • Lol Im making you blush? Well I'm not actively looking anymore but I won't cross it out either

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  • Every now and then most people need to just take a break from dating. Time to find yourself and figure out what you want from life :)

  • Perfectly to take a break and focus on other things, that what some people do.


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