What is the problem?

I am a bi-lateral amputee I live alone but it seems 2 me that people don't want 2 have nothing 2 do with some who is disabled. They must think it is 2 much work?


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  • Honestly, for me interest starts at the physical level. At that level, face is the most important aspect. A great smile is a must. Some people go for the booty, some go for the bust or ladies may go for the guns. But I can't do without a great face when I talk to and a great smile that will make me smile.

    I have walked passed a disabled lady two days ago, who was wheeled by her mother I am guessing, and I felt compelled to talk to her because she was sooo pretty. But she had a toddler sitting in her lap and she wasn't looking at me. so I didn't think it was appropriate to say something.

    I never have thought whether I would date a disabled person or not, but she was attractive enough that I would certainly enjoy looking at her while speaking, which satisfied the first condition of the attraction. Then comes the level of intelligence, wit, a sense of humor and a positive outlook.

    It is a bit challenge I must admit, to guide someone disabled. My mom had broken her ankle a few years ago and especially the first few months, it was really difficult to adjust, both for her and for us around her. A simple thing as getting in and out of a car would take about 10 min. Going to places, we always thought about what would be more comfortable for us to get in and out of, or while at home, when she sat down, it was mostly us fetching stuff for her. I haven't complained one bit all that time, but I am just pointing that it was a bit different than how we lived all this time.

    So I am sure it would bring its challenges, but I'd still say a great face and a killer smile combined with intelligence and humor would make it all worthwhile.