Guys, he likes me, what should I do?

I have asked a lot of questions about whether or not he likes me. I wasn't convinced that he liked me until today.
He looks at me, his body is almost always facing me, he sometimes looks at me as I'm leaving. What convinced me that he likes me was when I talked to my friend who have known him for a longer time than I, about the fact that he won't talk to me. He's outgoing and talks to everyone except me. My friend, she thinks his behaviour towards me is unusual and weird.

He likes me and I'm partly freaking out. I don't know what to do. How can I make him comfortable around me? How can I make him talk to me? We aren't friends on Facebook, do you think adding him on Facebook will have a positive effect on him?
What do you think I should do? :)


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  • If he likes you, ANYTHING you do that implies that you acknowledge him should light up his world :)