Guy is texting at random times and then ignoring me. Advice?

I was seeing a guy on and off for a year. We ended about 3 months ago and he completely fell off the face of the earth. I was moving on with my life when all of a sudden he started poping up in random places online.

I have a whatsapp account and when I would post status updates he would post something that would "answer" mine. He would literally be on there 1 time for the whole day just to respond to my updates. He's done this since the split.

My friend has a linkedin account and he tried to link him. He has never met him and they have no job skills in common.

3 weeks ago he texted "I hope you're doing well" I said I was and that I hope he was well, too. He didn't respond. I let it go.

2 day later I accidently sent him a text ment for someone else (I TRULY DID) and he repsonded within seconds so I know he's not ignoring me completely.

2 days ago he sent me a text saying "how are you?" I said "I'm fine. You?" He didn't respond again.

This is a man that has ran hot and cold throughout our whole time together. One day he's telling me how much he likes me and calling me darling, baby, boo, sweetheard, etc. And the next day he says he's not ready for a relationship. Then he comes back and says that he wants to spend more time with me and that I'm the best thing that's ever happen to him and that I'm too good for him. Then he disappears. Now he's back and he's doing this.

Any advice on what I should and what this all means?


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  • I believe he's coming to you just when things are down for him to not have a female to converse with so he's coming to you, this is common to happen i couldn't handle someone whose like night and day it can be mind bottling. You need to give this guy
    second thoughts cause he will appear to be changing and wanting something real then he will leave you out in the cold.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If it is keeping you from moving on and meeting someone else I would cut ties. He doesn't sound anymore ready for something serious and that is obviously what you are looking for. He may just be lonely or looking for sex. If you are anything like me as long as you hold out hope for him it will keep you from starting something new with someone else. Best


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  • Just do as he does while you are moving with your life.. play along

    • Okay.

      Any idea on what all this means?

    • yeah either he is playing with you or he is just confused and doesn't know his directions yet so he is keeping his options I guess

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  • I think he's playing hard to get. If you are not interested I would not bother with him

    • Hard to get what? He already "had me".

    • well he probaby trying to ignite your interests again. Trust me! I've had a guy I was ready to leap for and he was moving this same way. Then I fogot about him, a yr later today and he is moving and acting the same way but I am ignoring completely because when I was serious , he wasn't and I doubt he is

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