How do I make the girl I am dating be less shy around me?

she's very nice and kind of quiet, I can't even get her to talk on the phone with me. I have a date with her on Tuesday and I feel like it will be a lot of me talking and her just smiling, which is ok but how long will it take for her to get comfortable with me like how she is with txting?


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  • If she doesn't get comfortable in 2 weeks i mean, its a loss. Im usually shy, It totally bums me to be that why, but since I've met this new guy i've been getting more comfortable with him, and its been 2 weeks, so just give it time, but not too much time.


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  • My girlfriend is like this too, when I with her, she barely speaks, hides her mouth with her hands. She doesn't like speaking on the phone and get's really shy and anxious around people, to the point where she once literally ran away rather than meet a relative of mine. I love her, and when writing, messaging and texting she's really funny and expressive, throwing down inside jokes and sarcasm and cynical satire and puns even innuendo (she turns real pervy online). The problem is I just can never seem to get her to open up in person. Honestly, I just ignore it a go with the flow, give her time, so to speak.

    • Yea I think what you said is the most like mine

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  • don't worry and don't push her out of her shell just accept her like this and support her a lot till she get out by herself.
    You can just ask her about herslf and try to use your body language to show her that you really appreciate who she is and flirting more won't hurt any one too

  • It's rare to find women who express themselves enthusiastically through text. Rightfully so, texting is meant to be to the point and direct, not a tool for social and romantic bonding.

    Face to face, just have a conversation. DONT second guess your statements, throw them out and see how she reacts. She's not a robot, just another human being with a ton of likes, dislikes, bad and good habits and interests.

    • Thanks for the info but I dont really second guess myself, because me and her are very similar she basically agrees with everything I saw.