Girls, what's more important: relative height (it's ok as long as he's taller than me) or absolute height (must be at least 6 feet tall)?

Too many times we see things online such as this:

or this:

What is more important? Must he be a certain height, such as 6'1", or is must he simply be taller than you? Or neither?

  • A guy should be over a certain height, such as 6-foot. (absolute height)
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  • He should be at least x-number of inches taller. (how much?)
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  • It doesn't matter just as long as he is taller than me. (relative height)
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  • Height doesn't matter at all and I give everyone an equal chance. (don't pick this unless you're sure!)
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  • It doesn't matter to me as long as he's taller than me. That's all I want.


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  • I don't care, he doesn't even need to be taller than me. All I ask for is that he's not A LOT shorter than me.

  • I'm 5'1 I'd like him to be minimum 5'8 although I prefer taller but would go lower if he was great in every other way.

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