Guys, I'm confused, boy giving me mixed signals?

Okay so I go to a youth group and I met this pretty nice guy. We started getting along really well, kinda like we clicked (not trynna be cliche). He was touchy, friendly, and talk to me all the time. It was obvious he liked me, he told his friends and they told me, showed me messages and what not. Right when I was about to say I liked him back he stopped going for maybe 3 weeks. I saw him today and he was avoiding me, he wasn't really interacting with me like we used to. He was kinda controlling with me, possesive of me, and he was just not the guy I thought liked me. I don't know if he lost feelings for me or he feels awkward around me, but I can't think of anything that made things awkward between us... I still want to tell him how I feel but I'm not going to tell him if he lost intrest in me... What should I do?


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  • Sounds like he may have gone through something personal. It doesn't sound like it's because of you. Maybe ask him if everything is ok. Let him know you care about him.

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