Don't know what is going on with this guy, what does he want?

So i miet this guy we hung out a few times became friends then he asked me out over text, we have been going out and sleeping with eachother (no sex, just sleep) and it was that the past week until yesturday when he jsut got mad, and said he was depressed, i ask him if he was okay he said no, i asked him why... he didn't tell me tell later, that his ex texted him, and i was like what is wrong with that, and he said they had a strong bond, and no girls could fill her shoes, and im like well I can relate, and he said he still likes me, and i told him i still liked him. and he ask " so what are we?" asking if we were still going out, and i said "what do you think," and well he hasn't texted me at all yet, he sent me one snap, and i replied and he opened it but never answered. Should i just say so we ever going to answer the question from last night? or should i wait till he texts me.. its just really bugging me.


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  • the best advice that I can give you is.

    1. you should sit down with him and ask him straight up without yelling at him or screaming at him. say this to him "does he still like you or Do still wants to be with you ask him that

    • Yeah i asked him we should talk about this in person, but he said he is doing ablution? know anything about that?

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    • Exactly my reaction haha

    • I swear there's just so many people out there that just say so many things without thinking it

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