I really liked this guy, but he's done with me. I want him back. Do I have a chance?

Ok... I've been dating this guy for 2 1/2 months, and I was really into him. There were some red flags from the start, but of course, I choose to go along for the ride. He's a security guard at a local bar I frequent, (1st red flag), so we know some of the same people. This one night I went up there and ran into a mutual friend of ours, and Everytime I run into this person he gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek. The guy that I'm dating knows this because it happens in front of him. So apparently this mutual friend of ours was a little too free with his hands according to the guy I'm dating. The mutual friend used to date my best friend so he's like a brother to me. He's also a people person, and a big flirt. Anyway long story short, the guy I "was" dating said that he watched this man flirt with me and it looked like I was enjoying it because I never told him to stop. AGAIN, this guy is like a brother to me so any advances he makes I never take serious because that's just his personality. In no way shape or form do I want this guy, (the mutual friend), and he doesn't want me. But the guy I was dating is convinced, or has convinced himself to believe that me and this mutual friend have messed around, and that i want this dude. So my friend basically dumps me. I want him back. I put myself in his shoes so I get what he's saying, but I only want him. Is there any way I can get him back, or just move the hell on?


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  • You don't have a great chance

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