What's his motive? Were we supposed to meet? Why do I feel this way?

I met this guy back in May at a concert; we kept running into eachother that night too. The only time I've seen him was that night only. He lives 300 mi away and ever since that night he still manages to text me like never forgetting about me. There were times where I forgot about him for a second because at the time I was so inlove with the guy I was with that night but he is still there everytime to remind me how glad he is that he met me. He never goes a day without telling me how beautiful I am when he first saw me. He always talks about how bad he wants to see me again and kiss me & how he's wanted to since that night. He even told me that the morning after the concert as well. At first I didn't really pay any mind because I liked someone at the time & his age kind of threw me off because he's 2 years younger than me but lately it's just grown more intense, I want to see him so bad! I feel as if we were meant to meet because I meet so many people but never have I had a connection like this. Till this day I find it so rare that I met him at that concert within such a short time and it was an instant connection. It sucks that he lives so far away. Only weird thing is that we always talk about how glad we are we met but we can barely have a fluid conversation.


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  • the best advice that I can give you Is.

    1. first things first what the hell are you doing talking to another guy when you have your boyfriend next to you. I'm not your father to tell you what to do but that is f***** up

    • The guy I was with was not my boyfriend by the way. He was my friend that I happened to like a lot and turns out the feeling was not mutual months later. Also, when me and this guy met it wasn't like he was hitting on me I believe we started talking because he asked me if I had a cigarette.

    • Soooo you're a smoker?

    • oh okay so that's what happened you should have said that in the story I thought you was your boyfriend

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