Girls, Why would you act this way towards a particular random guy in a group?

So you meet a group of guys ( ALL ARE RANDOM) ) for the first time and have a conversation.
Why would you start talking to guys first , but be quiet towards a particular guy in the group?

Like are you scared of him/nervous or don't like him for no reason?

What makes you act in such a way. Likely reason/s?


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  • Yeah, either that or I'm just not comfortable yet with y'all. I would as me, will be less talkative to a guy i like, cause I'm just nervous to say something, and not make it sound stupid.

    • Thanks :) I am assuming you must be from Australia (coz of your profile name) .

      What does it mean if you giggle/smile when you catch a random guy's eye contact?

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    • cool. Are you sexually attracted to a random guy at first glance?

    • Depends on the guy, I mean if I'm looking at you and giving you a smile then i mean its an obvious way to say i like that guy.

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  • Maybe she was nervous.

    • Thanks :) But why?

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    • In a good or bad way?

    • Good. But depends whether she likes him.

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