Girls, Why would you touch a Random guy at first glance?

When you see a Random guy at first glance , why would you touch his arm or thigh instantly, when you initiate a conversation with him?

What do you think of the random dude?


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  • Nope. I'd never do that. I don't even do that with my boyfriend...
    I'm not one of those girls who starts a friendship with a guy with 'casual touching' just for shits and giggles.

    • Thanks :) If you do touch a guy what does it mean?

    • For me, nothing. It wouldn't mean I necessarily like him as I'm a pretty 'keep hands to myself' type of girl. A lot of girls do it to everyone with not much meaning either. Probably just to keep the guys' eyes on them only, the types of girls who thrive on always being the center of attention.

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  • I dont necessarily touch guys on the arm, thigh, or any part of his body when Im simply having a conversation with him BUT I for some reason always touch guys when I'm trying to get by them or through a group of people ONLY in social settings though. Never just randomly out at the store, mall, etc. but if i am at a party, event, concert etc.
    I will lightly place my hand on his arm or back when I'm walking through or by and I call everyone babe so a lot of times, guys obviously think I'm flirting. & usually I'm really not, its just the way I am

    • Thanks :) So if it's a guy you actually fancy, where would you touch?

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    • probably sexually attracted since she is a bit older and knows the difference between a friendly chat and a flirtatious chat

    • the thing is the conversation seems friendly while they place their hand on my thigh... so I am confused !!