Would you talk to a girl who you only saw as a friend every single day?

I know there is SOME level of interest in me from this guy that I know in real life/have talked to online for over a year. However, he's shy, and so am I. He's said how he feels a bit emotionally unavailable from past relationship problems and I think I had been as well, from leaving a 5 yr LTR. Regardless we talk every day, even if there isn't much to say. I am totally willing to wait for him to be ready for a relationship/the next step, but sometimes I wonder if that ever will be a reality. When we talked about the future of things (very briefly) it was sort of established that all possibilities were open, though he told me he did not want something that was just a hookup. We call eachother by a nickname and sometimes talk about sexual things, but sometimes I worry that I'm just a friend now. At the same time, he has close friends whom he sees frequently, so I feel like he has no need for the company of someone online, that he doesn't actually care about talking to. If he's messaging me every day no matter what and sending me pics of what he's up to, for this long, do you think he will go for a more serious relationship in the future or am I just a friend that he texts a lot?


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  • Lemme ask you a question. From the way he's messaging you, can you see him sharing any of the following?
    1. his secrets
    2. his likes and dislikes
    3. his feelings regarding the most recent break up.
    4. asking for opinions.
    5. Doesn't involve other people just you and him.
    There's a chance that he is into you if there's some of the above. Guys don't usually share all these stuff unless he trusts the person (don't we all). There's something called ego that somehow stopped guys from telling all these stuff because it might
    1. seemed unmanly (IDK why)
    2. somehow show their flaws.
    3. It's totally something that you wouldn't expect.
    Sure there's also a chance of you being a best friend to him... Hey, that's a step.
    He might be willing to go on serious relationship in the future. The chance will heighten if your situation as of now has continued on for a period of time. If it's still new, ya, the chance is quite low because guys might seem the type to suck it up but individually it's different depending on how they handle it.

    from my opinion I would never chat/ message a girl everyday. even with my girlfriend. (We're LDR). I got stuff to do and she has her own stuff to do.
    - So ya. keep ur hopes up and I hope it helps. -


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  • I have no idea. What I do know is that if he's spending this much time with you then he must care about you. Be it just a friend or not.


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