Guys, I dont know what to do?

So Saturday night I went out and met someone. I have a bit of Disney syndrome... what I mean by this is that I want my Prince Charming...

well Saturday night he ticked the boxes... I came away full of hope that we exchanged numbers and he was messaging me protectively when I went home and stopped off for food...

We had kissed and sat together for a few hours, yes he hinted we should go back to his but he understood that I wouldn't and that was OK. He made a huge fuss of me for my birthday and he was lovely.

Yesterday we texted a lot and it got extremely sexual. he then went AWOL and he blocked me on whatsapp.

Yes we texted a lot but I was on my own on my birthday and I felt shit about it, I used him to distract myself. He has since texted saying I am too far from where he lives (3 hours away by train) and he doesn't think its worth staying in touch.

So, any way to change his mind?

I am feeling kinda crappy and I dont want people to be hard on me so please play nice? I met him outside the bar and he sought me out and dragged me to the VIP section.

I should probably add that he comes from an extremely wealthy family, knighthood the lot and I am a manual labourers daughter... I have an OK job which I love but would I be sufficient when it comes to his family?


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  • My gut feeling is he was playing the prince to overwhelm you and when he didn't quite do that he is deciding whether you are worth the effort. The very rich aren't always pure at heart. I would expect if he were really serious, he would be really serious.

    You should not feel crappy for any good reason than you are very disappointed.