Girls, Do most girls 18-24 dislike young guys who have to shave their head bald from hairloss?

Like from a condition or something, girls honestly give what you think to be true

  • I'd say at this young of an age the majority of girls wouldn't be attracted to or willing to date a guy with no hair
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  • Hair doesn't make or break attraxtiveness so I think that most girls could find a bald guy otherwise attractive and most would be willing to date him
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  • Girls over 18-24
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assume the guy pulls off a shaved head okay for a white guy
just blows cause there ain't shit a guy cn do for hairloos
Haha wow so much for saying guys are bad for fat shamin


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  • I've always liked a guy with a bald head.
    In fact, I never really had a preference towards how much hair /how little hair I'd like a guy to have.
    Whether I <3 this guy's look all has to do with his face structure.

    I've always thought I didn't like something, until I saw someone that could pull that look off.
    Bald heads can be sexy on the right guy.


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  • Can't speak about other girls, but I personally wouldn't date someone with a bald head, I love hair too much.

    • Im sorry something like that means so much to you, you're missing out on a lot of otherwise attractive guys who are sweet

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    • I get that, I could never date a girl who was overweight etc, however hair is more an accessory than part of ones physicality, I could date a girl who had to shave it bald or wear a wig if her face was pretty and she was slender, in the end your entitled to what you do obvioulsy, as long as you aren't the kind of girl who straight up tells bald guys to screw off if they approach you, you don't have to return attraction but do you think like others with the whole "eww bald guy" in you rhead or even out loud like some?

    • Are you serious? Of course not. I'm not rude or anything. I don't even think about them, just no physical attraction, that's it. Just like with any other person I'm not attracted to.

  • I like bald guys. If they have a bit of a beard too, they look extra manly. I don't prefer it to hair, but I don't prefer hair to bald either.

    • I figured it'd be kinda like that, could I ask what ethnicity you are? I'm not joking but since I've shaved it seems like certain groups love or hate it..

    • I'm White. Too white... >.<

    • Feel your pain, I can't even tan. I go from red straight back to white

  • It's not about the hair. If he is charismatic , he is as attractive as George Clooney or Tom Cruise

  • no bald guys.. i fucking love head hair.. <3

    • do you think less of bald guys?

    • and did you vote?

    • yeah i voted now. and i don't think less of them.. i just love hair too much... they are one of the most attractive features for me..

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