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Well I've been seeing this guy for about year. he's bi sexual and with a man that for the last year he hasn't been into and has wanted to leave but the guy makes him feel guilty everytime he tries to leave so he stays. he's very closed up, afraid of being hurt and trusts no one. We are very close and im the one person he tells anything too. Over the last 2 months we have become a lot closer. He looks at me differently then before, treats me differently in a very good way and even the way he speaks to me had changed. I told him Thursday i wanted to try and help his relationship because I've been telling him everything his boyfriend says and i told him i won't do that anymore. Friday i asked if he felt a physical of emotional attraction coming back and he said yea. I asked if he was happy and he said yea so when he implied me and him getting together again i said no more and he did speak briefly to me and then told me to have a good weekend and he has had small talk since but not much and hasn't spoke to me at all today... i dont know if i made a boo boo in trying to help his relationship that he hasn't really wanted anyways.. i dont know if he took it as me saying i dont want him or what... what do you think?

  • You hurt his feelings.
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  • He perhaps like you.. say him to get rid of that other gay..


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