Girls, have you noticed that most guys overestimate their relative attractiveness compared to other guys?

I've noticed that a lot of guys don't seem to have any idea about how attractive they are compared to other guys. I see guys bitching all the time about how some other guy got with a hot girl, with the complainer thinking that he's more attractive than the guy who got the girl. Usually the guy complaining isn't really all that much to write home about, though he doesn't really see that.

This happened again just recently. In the first week of classes back at school, I was hanging out with a group of guys outside my dorm. One of the guys pointed out a couple who was walking past our dorm, and how he didn't understand how the guy got the girl. The guy with the girl was a good-looking guy in my opinion. He wasn't an adonis or anything, but he was much better looking than the guy in my group who was dissing him, so much so that I wondered how this guy could be so delusional. The complainer was maybe 5'8" and completely unathletic, totally average in build, really.


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  • i didn't notice it