Guy lied about his age by a year. why?

I met a guy on a online dating site 5 months ago and have been seeing him since. On the site he had his age as 24, which I am. When I asked him through messages 5 months ago he said he's 23. The years after he left high school somehow didn't add up so I asked him again about a month later, he said 23 still. Recently was his birthday and when I asked his age he said he's 23 only now and has been only 22. So he was lying all along. Why would he do that? Is it because I'm older?


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  • Because most girls won't give a younger guy a chance. This is fact. You won't believe the number of times i've been rejected because I was 1-2 years younger. One girl even stated and i quote "Because if you're younger then me I won't feel like you have enough authority". W/e


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  • Some people round their age up.
    I know people that just turn a age for example 25, and they say they are 26.
    Or 29, and they say they are 30.


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  • I don't know in dating sites you can make anything up, don't make it a big deal


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  • I don't know i honestly have no idea

    • BECAUSE most women emphasize age in the relationship and don't give younger guys a chance

    • @alfonsosloan45 :o most of the actual female friends i have try to get with a guy a year younger then them or even 2 years

    • i wonder why :o i dont mind dating people older then me or younger must be preference