Girls, how do you feel when a guy asks a girl out after knowing her for two weeks? Would you consider to go on a date with him?

Background: Me and her are college students. She is 21 years old.
We have no classes together, not in the same club.

We met in one of the classes that she dropped out after attending for a week.
Before I asked her out, we kept in contact by texting. I also invited her to hang out, eat lunch together before I asked her out. She declined all my invitations so I decided to make my intentions clear and asked her out on Sept 28th. She said she will think about it.

I am a bit afraid that I made a move too quick. What is considered to be too quick to ask someone on a date in college?

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  • I'd consider it, just to see what happens. What you're doing is normal really. It kinda sucks that now a days people don't go out on dates with new people. I hope she says yes!

    • I did ask her out a week ago. She just pulled the busy card and say that she is having trouble fitting it into her schedule. She said that she will think about it. I do not think that is a good sign.

      I really hope that I did not come out too strong.

    • Well college can be pretty hectic, especially if she's working or has something going on. If she ends up turning you down don't take it as a bad thing, it's probably just her. But totally keep up that approach, you never know where it will get you. Confidence is everything.

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  • I'd consider it