Girls, what are some of the first things you notice about a guy?

so girls, when you see a guy for the first time, what are some of the first things you notice about him?

guys, you can answer too. what do YOU first notice about a guy?


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  • In this order:

    1. His style/dress sense
    2. His hair
    3. His face, especially eyes
    4. The way he holds himself/posture/walk


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  • Where am from and this goes for both guys and girls,

    The tend to look at the shoes first. dont ask me why I don't know

    then they look at the face ,

    followed by the assests, boobs, a** , thighs , shape etc

    The skin - because everyone likes smooth skin these days.

    I think the personality check is the last... lool

    • "Where am from and this goes for both guys and girls, " please speak only for yourself. i can't even speak for other guys, let alone guys AND girls. but i assume those things apply at least to you so thanks

    • Yes , Myself included but its a national thing really

  • His eyes are the first thing. If thats good its his jaw line. If that checks its his chest, hands, stomach, ass and package in that order.

    • so only aesthetic things? somewhat surprising for a girl of your age. dont you at least notice things like the way he walks, dresses, smells etc?

    • U said first things.

    • i guess thats a no then. thanks for input

  • Well of course you look at the outside first when you still dont know the person. I look at hight, he needs to be taller then me (when im with hills, but im not that tall so its fine) , weight (not being too thin or fat), i try to see if he has muscles, if he is athletic because i am. Then i look at his face, i like guys that has a manly look, they can't have a too perfect face but they need to look nice (eye color, i dont like ugly noses, teeth!!!, and i like a little facial hair). But overall i like men that are bigger than me because i feel safe, they dont have to look too perfect, but they have to look manly and tough. But thats just me ;)

  • His demeanor, then how clean his shoes are, manners, facial expressions, and finally how he communicates. Hygiene is last but not least.

  • This is gonna sound really shallow but hey, you never really see someone's personality first, do you? I always notice whether or not they have good hair and if they wear glasses that suit their facial features then im down for it. The guy i have a crush on wore a turban last school year so i never really noticed him because im always looking at people's hair but he decided to cut it so this year it was his hair and glasses that attracted me.

    • it doesn't sound that shallow really. did you really have a crush on a guy who wears a turban?

    • Yeah but I'm also of the same ethnicity and religion so I guess I disregarded him as I always seem to go for South Asians but one with good hair as I mentioned that hair is one of the things I notice first but as soon as he decided to cut his hair I was like damn I'm down for it

  • I notice his physical appearances first but later his personality.


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