Attraction to professor making me feel sad and guilty. help?

I really like one of my professors, a lot. I don't expect to date him and I'd never try to make a move, but I still feel guilty. He's not married, that's not why I feel guilty. I feel guilty and foolish because I shouldn't have such feelings for someone whose probably over 10 years older than me and would never view me the way I view him. Also, I'm sad because I've never really liked anyone the way I like him. I've never liked any guys my age, I've gone on dates but nothing has ever progressed because I'm never interested. I'm scared that I have my standards set too high and whoever meets them I won't be able to date because I don't meet their standards. I want someone smart and intelligent, not necessarily extremely attractive physically, but I want them to be mature. However, if I'm expecting so much of someone, they'll expect the same and the truth is, I'm not an amazing person. What can I do to get over this dumb infatuation with my professor? Does anyone else get scared about their standards being too high?


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  • Report him to the dean

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