Mom-zoned? Friend-zoned? Is he maybe just not interested?

Okay so, I was abroad for a year last year (gap year) and met this guy. I moved in with him quite quickly until I went back home. He said 'I love you' first, and when I first said I'd not be ready for a relationship he said he'd meant he loves me as a friend. Since then we've been in contact every day, he came to visit me for valentines day and I visited him this summer again. But now I do want to be in a relationship and he just says he isn't ready for one. Keeps on telling me he loves and misses me though every day. He also told me he doesn't want me to wait for him but he does want me to come visit again and visit me. We had a fight a few weeks ago where he compared his love to me to the love I have for my mother, which he took back a day later, though I do not know how serious that was. So I am confused. I'm not sure what to think, I really fell for him. And he's not making it easy for me to know what I am dealing with. I tried asking him he just always gets me wrapped around his finger...


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    • that's kinda totally besides the point here

    • No, it is right on point. HE DOESN'T WANT YOU. It amazes me how some guys can make women commit or have sex with them so quickly and other guys try for months. You are easy. @asker

    • that I maybe should've meantioned. He almost never wants to have sex.
      thanks for the honesty though

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