What would be a good date?

So there is this girl that i like. I want to ask her out, but i don't know where to go. I've been thinking bowling and go see a movie. It's Halloween soon and i'm thinking i could do something Halloween related (I don't know what though). Please help me here. There is nothing wrong with bowling or movies, I just think it's a little bit unoriginal. By the way I'll be 15 in two months, and she'll be 16 in three months :-)


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  • I say no on the movies, doesn't give you much time to get to know one another. Bowling is a good idea, but if you're looking for something Halloween related, then go to a haunted house attraction. It'll give you time to talk before you go through it, scare her (make sure she's holding onto you for support through this "scary" experience), you'll laugh, have fun and have something to talk about and share a moment with her.

    • That's a good idea. We are friends and i do kinda know her. We see eachother every Tuesday and Thursday, so not the closest friends. I'll look for some haunted house stuff. Thanks for the suggestion :-D

    • No problem. Make sure to break the touch barrier. Like somewhere on her arm every time both of you laugh. Hold it for 1-3 seconds each time. Eventually, she'll relate your touch as happy moment. And right before you go into the haunted house, grab a hold of her hand and lead her through it. Make sure you stay just a bit ahead of her, as to show you'll protect her from the scary monsters. Good luck. Fortune favors the bold.

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  • Sure go for it if you think she likes you. :)


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