Is it love or just a crush?

I really really really like this guy but my friends say I easily like guys. I don't know if its just a mere crush or more. Usually when I have crushes I am not afraid to talk to them, I was even best friends with my former crush but I can't even look at this guy without blushing or smiling. I think about this guy 24/7 and I feel like my heart will explode. I never felt this way around a guy but I do find crushes easily. Is it just a crush that I will get over in a few months or so or this might be love.


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  • I think it's probably a crush, your feelings are just stronger then with most other crushes you've had before.

    • Really? One of my friend told me that I 'love' him since I am usually really weird and outgoing and that dude changed me somehow...