Am I being terrible, does he seem alright? What do you make of him based on my description?

I do like him... he's cute and sweet, whenever I'm upset he'll message me to check up on me, and when people have talked shit about me he's honest. Once his best friend and his girlfriend told him he shouldn't see me (long story, stupid rumors, bad decisions), and he told me about it but didn't care what they said.
He says he's never dated anyone before and that he's never so much as kissed someone before, and I mean I have trouble believing that because he's just really cute and like I said says sweet stuff so well.

He was quiet about how he felt, then he got drunk one night and texted me, saying I'm the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up in the moring and that he really has feelings for me... I told him I wanted to be alone for a while because I just got out of an over controlling relationship, he told me he understood and the last thing he'd want to do is pressure me, but at the same time he can't help how he feels, so taking that into account he'd still like me and he'd still be my friend, but he wouldn't force more on me, but honestly, he'd wait however long as it took for me to be comfortable, but that my comfort took priority, cuz he wouldn't want to be a source of pain for me...
we've been on a couple dates and hung out quite a bit... he seems shy and he says that he just got out of an awkward phase. he seems genuine I don't know
I'm afraid to be in a relationship and he makes me feel vulnerable, but how can you not like a cute boy who holds onto a dead flower you whipped at him...
I don't know he's shy one second, then he'll drive two hours to meet me at a party and tell me I have the prettiest eyes he's ever seen.
i want to believe it but I don't know, does it seem genuine?

the last couple times he's asked me out I've withdrawn. I don't know why. I've been busy sure and my lack of money even if he says he wants to pay and I wouldn't owe him a thing (im jobless atm).

Sorry for how long this is... but what do you make of him? Do you get a good feeling from what I'm describing? I don't know.


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  • He seems a genuine sweetheart maybe you are not letting yourself be loved or believe you deserve to be loved. I would give it a chance leave your past behind and embrace the future :)

    • Yeah, I think you might be hitting it on the head... I just feel like such a terrible person sometimes, and maybe part of me's afraid of messing him up cuz I'm a mess you know? I really do feel he cares about me... probably a lot more then anyone's cared. But I think you're very likely very right... I've just spent a long time saying I hate relationship's and then this guy who says he's never been in one just kinda flips my whole thoughts upside down. But I think you're right.

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    • I won't :) lol I already feel awful for my response to him telling me he's never kissed someone being "I KNOW that has to be a lie..." THAT was pretty awful of me I just, like I said had trouble seeing that, but I think you're right, lol and I don't think that's a lie he'd really benefit from keeping up in hindsight... but yeah I mean I can't help but smile around him. And... I really do think he's good for me.

    • Sounds wonderful and just the thing you need in your life :)