He told me its weird?

The guy I'm dating lost his job and house in April. I've been very supportive during this time but I think I reached my breaking point. I try to plan little outings for us to hang out and clear his mind off things but he always make up an excuse, this happens way to often. I use to cut him slack because of his situation but now it's like why bother. I recently stopped checking up on him daily like I used to. He randomly sends texts saying "I still love you" and stuff like that so I responded asking "Do you really? Because it seems like you're pushing me away and never want to hang out with me" he responded back saying "idk it's just weird" I asked "was it weird because you found someone else that has your interest?" So he said "nah I don't know what it is". I didn't even bother responding, That literally broke me and hurt my feelings because if he loves me the way he say he does then I feel like hanging out with my shouldn't be weird. This happened Saturday night and I have yet to hear from him since.


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  • You are mothering him. That is the greatest mistake us ladies make. You need to toughen up a little. Don't get me wrong you are being caring and considerate. But when he sends a text that he still loves you and you respond like that you sound petty and desperate. Take his word for it that he loves you but he's in a very difficult position. His pride and livelihood are gone. He doesn't want to look weak in your eyes. How about replying I love you too can't wait for you to do that thing you do <-- insert something he likes doing for you physically or sexually. Make him feel manly again. That he matters to you. Is he looking for a job? Trying to get back on his feet? If so then let him know you respect him regardless. If it seems too much maybe take a look and see what you really want do you want him?

    • He lost his business he was a owner of a clothing store, I don't know if he's looking for a 9-5 because he always pride himself as an entrepreneur. I never looked at it as mothering him but I received that and will take it into consideration. I honestly thought me being caring was what he needed at this time. I'm not going to reach out to him anymore, I'll just wait for him to reach out and when he does I guess the only thing to do is just let him know I here for him. It just so hard because I sincerely love him, and he's my first everything so in a way I feel extremely vulnerable and attached to him

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    • So me giving him space and not reaching out is the way to go right?

    • Personally I would send him a little upbeat text. You know one of those was thinking about you today remember that time we took a road trip and ended up in a bar full of lesbian hockey players where they served the best sandwich in the world the memory made me giggle. I love you. Then I'd give him a bit of space. Try not to drag up insecurities if you do text ask yourself when you are at your lowest what are the things you need to hear. Keep it pleasant and real :)