Is it possible for a guy to like a girl when they're in a relationship?

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I meant like if they like someone else outside of the relationship


Most Helpful Guy

  • It is unclear who is in a relationship... Are they in a relationship with eachother? Is the guy in a relationship with someone else? Is the girl?

    But regardless of which might be the case, I think the answer is yes absolutely for all of them.

    • I meant that there's a guy in a relationship with a girl, but is it possible for him to like someone else.

    • Yes, of course it is.

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What Guys Said 1

  • definitely yes. I have found myself liking other girls while in a relationship. I even had a crush on some of them. and I had a part fling with one.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes it is possible to like your boyfriend or girlfriend when you're in a relationship with them.

    • It would very nice if you weren't being a smart ass about it look at the other response

    • Depends on what you mean by 'like'.
      Like as a friend, like them as a person, or like them like they have a crush on them?