Nice girls vs nice guys which takes longer to tell?

If you meet a nice guy odds are in the first few months you will be able to tell if he is really a nice guy or a guy who is just acting nice. Do girls who act nice drop the facade as quickly as nice guys or do they keep acting longer?


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  • Perhaps, it's not an act. Ever draw that conclusion?

    • I was asking about when it is an act though.

    • Why would one want to act? Why not be yourself so then there's no surprises?

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  • An easy more logical way than waiting to find out if they're a genuine nice person by Steps

    1. Pluck a hair strand
    2. Sniff it
    3. Put it in a small container with alcohol
    4. If it moves violently in the container then you found someone mean and if not they're actually nice
    5. Why you still reading


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  • Dropbthe nice acts and face how he is in his true colors.

    • I was asking about how long it takes to actually tell if a girl is actually nice.

    • It depends on her attitude, basically it could take days, weeks, or even months.

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