Girls, is it a bad idea to tell her you were planning to kiss her?

So a great date just got cut short I was planning on going for the kiss but she had to go early. And I really want to tell her. Is it a bad idea? We can't hang out again till next week.


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  • it might sound kind of lame. just wait till the next date :)

  • Why did she have to go early? Was it a great date for the both of iou?

    • Ya. She had to get home because she has to deal with some family stuff. I could have done it last week but I chickened out.

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    • Ya It was. I actually talked to her in person awhile ago and we talked about it and she said she wants to get there but she moves slow. She already made plans for more dates while we were out so looks like things are gonna be ok. I think telling her worked out for the best so I just wanted to let you know.

    • thanks. I'm glad it's looking good for you. Xo

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