What is his intentions with me?

So long story short, this guy who fixed our tire asked for my number when I was with a 3 of my friends. It was brave and he did it super respectfully as opposed to other guys, also calling me ma'am.
The next day, he sent me a good morning text and we talked for hours and hours. I ended in the late afternoon saying I'm gonna study for a gov exam (the day after) and I'll text him later. I did text him later and he didn't text back. But look, he didn't text for DAYS. Days, I tell you, DAYS. It's been about 5 days and I thought he was done with me.

But just a few hours ago, he added me on snapchat without texts before or after. I'm confused, why he added me. What does that even mean?

What are his intentions? What does it mean?


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  • He has no intentions towards you...