Have you ever dated a slim woman that was actually chubby in the past? This is eating me up. Any stories or advices?

First of all I feel weird and a little bit bad asking this, but I want to read some comments or advices. I met this girl and I've been going out with her for about 2 months now. She is a lot older than me but we have chemistry in everything; sex, personal stuff, business, etc etc we really like each other a lot, well... she is way more into me. The thing is I've always wanted to take it without the label "boyfriend or girlfriend" and to tell you the truth we are like fooling around more that what we call dating (you know going out here and there and talk...). She wants something more serious but I don't know if I want the same, but I don't want to loose her. The thing is, and I feel like an asshole telling this, but she was way way chubby than now, and I'm realy self conscious about that, I mean she is lossing weight and she looks hot, but when I see her pictures from the past I'm not that turn on by the whole 'dating her' and that has stop me from going far with her, and by far I mean getting her to know my family and everything. You know its one of those thing that you don't like about the person because is eating you up. Anyone out there that has been in this situation, what's the story? What do you think?

(I know I know the question seems I little bit shallow buttt everybody has a type and things that don't like)


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  • If she's hot now, I dont see why what she looked like years ago should matter.

    Wouldn't the reverse be worse ( she used to be really hot but got fat right before she met you)

    What if she looked at your high school pictures and thought " aw he's hot now but he used to look like a scrawny bitch so Im not going to date him"

    • Well if you put it that way, my questions seems a little bit stupid lol, but good answer