Is girl I'm dating becoming distant, or am I being paranoid?

I met this girl about 3-4 weeks ago and we hit it off right away. Our first date we actually ended up back at my place and watched our favorite tv show for like 4 hours lol (as well as hooking up). We've had sex twice. Everything seemed like we were boyfriend and girlfriend! So last Wednesday she came over (she had a puppy so that was mentally draining on her) to hang out and watch our tv show. Well the puppy was being so bad and eventually she left because she was feeling tired.

Friday night came and I asked if we could hang out Saturday-she was supposed to let me know but never did. She said her friend wanted to day drink so we couldn't, but maybe Sunday if her games were cancelled. She didn't text me Sunday and I ended up calling her and she sounded hungover and not excited to talk. I ended the conversation with "well if you want to hang out again just text me".

Keep in mind she had generally been texting me (we don't text a ton) every day or every other day and we had been hanging out every other day. But we haven't hung out since last Wednesday!

Is she giving me the "slow fade"? Or am I just being paranoid that she's lost interest?

I don't know whether to back off or call her!
Could really use opinions! :(


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  • She may just feel like she's invading your space just tell her that you like talking/txting with her and she should be more responsive if you tell her she's not bothering you and rather its the one thing you look forward to.

    • But I've been saying I want to hang out and she always has plans. She hasn't texted me since i said to text me (yesterday).

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    • But don't you think she'd be texting me like normal?

    • Dont expect her to be txting all day all night respect the fact she has a life of her own. But when she can she will text you just probably not at work unless her hours are up.