Would you stay with a anxious person?

I've been diagnosed with general and social anxiety. there's no way to treat the anxiety itself only the by products of it (depression). While I dont think my depression affects my ability to function in the relationship I am really worried that my anxiety will. My boyfriend is a happy go lucky guy and we've been dating for over a year, he used to handle my anxiety over: time, cleanliness and other seemingly arbitrary things really well. If I stressed over the fact that we had to leave at a unkown (but in the next hour) time and he was just playing games he would get up get dressed and play games again, but recently he will brush me off/keep playing/drive too fast even when I have spoken to him about all of it.

Its easy to ignore me, but it spikes my anxiety even more to the point where I can't breath and that means I am on his case more. Would you stay with me?


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  • If I loved them, I would stay with them no matter what.